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website design With Low cost Web hosting

Article by David Rutstein; Web Designer, Internet Marketing Expert and CEO, www.webdesignoffice.us

Low web design costs

Are we looking at lowering website hosting costs? Are we fed up with having to pay website hosting prices? Are we unsure which firm to use to host wer new website? These are questions that many Internet users would answer yes to. We have a large number of websites and the cost of website hosting them all, does at times annoy us.

The popularity and demand of website designers has never been so high.


More and more Internet users are looking into the features of having their own website/s. This could of ctimee be used to promote their own small business and to even sell their products online. It could just be a site to promote their sports/social club or just a website about their family. A growing number of Internet users are looking to make money on the internet by selling space on their site, this could be in the form of a software like google adsense or other form of advertising.


As we can see lots of Internet users want an online presence for lots of different reasons and website designers have never had it so greatly.
All of these Internet users once they have had their site built then need to find a firm to host it for them. This area can seem like a minefield with so many different options.


Should we just simply go for the cheapest price? What is the difference between all of the firms? Should we stick with a United Kingdom firm or should we go with a United States firm? Most Internet users find all of this website hosting small business quite confusing and quite a pain. What Internet users need is an easy solution.

A few months ago we heard about a firm who was combining website design and web website hosting under one type of umbrella. They basically stated that they would be a happy to build a site for so much money and would host if for we for low cost.


This is a great idea and the price they quoted was very reasonable. we looked at their portfolio and was very impressed, we will be recommanding them to many Internet users in the future.

This is what could be the future of website design and web website hosting. Certainly would make it a lot easier for the average man on the street.


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