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Cases & Interviews
  • Cases and Interviews
    As I examined hundreds of Web sites promising electronic or Web portfolio data for this text, and performed observations and interviews with dozens of students and colleagues, I discovered some exemplary cases of Web portfolio usage. The Web portfolio phenomena and the rise in electronic portfolio development within all disciplines have prompted academic institutions to develop Web portfolio programs and to push these programs towards faculty and students. My general observations are that the institutions...

  • Web Portfolio Program Case
    Penn State University provides an interesting case on Web portfolios. David DiBiase leads the E-education Institute in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. Professor DiBiase has initiated a policy for all of his students in the Earth and Mineral Sciences Program (EMS) to create a Web portfolio of assignments in his geographic information sciences undergraduate course. Dibiase (2003, p. 1) requires students in the course to “publish” assignments in e-portfolios because he believes...

  • Sample E-Portfolio
    The development of an electronic portfolio initiative project requires you to develop a proposal and submit it for approval. There are many facets to an effective proposal. Concerns surrounding the development of electronic port- folio and Web portfolio program may include server space questions, level of student involvement, portfolio design concerns, access questions, actual level faculty involvement, and other issues involving security and plagiarism. These concerns are extremely important...

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