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Designing a website

Step 1 - Planning your site

Choosing a suffix

You can select your suffix while registering a domain name now. They are often referred to as “top-level domain”. Despite the fact that .com is the most popular and is widely used, you can choose from a host of 260 other alternatives at present. Out of these 247 domains are country-specific while the remaining 13 are top-level domains across the world.


There have never been so many alternatives before. In the beginning, when the domain name system was first launched, just six top-level domains were developed.


Six earliest top-level domains:


  • .com represents firms

  • .edu represents universities

  • .gov represents government organization

  • .mil represents military bodies

  • .net represents providers of network service

  • .org represents all other agencies


Domains specific to a country were shortly introduced. This allowed each country to exercise a command over top-level domain belonging to it.

Domains specific to a nation include the following:


  • .cn represents China

  • .uk represents Great Britain

  • Remaining 248


These however, proved to be insufficient by the late 90s. The multitude of applications for domain names led to the requirement for extra top-level domains. Many proposals were sent and seven received approval (as of now). Another top-level domain, .pro has been taken for consideration.

Seven fresh top-level domains:


  • .biz represents business

  • .Info representing all kinds of uses

  • .int represents international entities

  • .aero represents the air-transport sector

  • .coop represents cooperatives

  • .museum represents museums

  • .name for individuals

Comprehending web addresses

The recognized makeup or structure of a web address is the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) - http://www.foggymorning.com

This should be read as "HTTP colon slash slash dubya dubya dubya dot foggymorning dot com."


http represent hypertext transfer protocol, which is the language used by computers to communicate with each other while passing on web pages along with their essential features.


www indicates the particular server or the computer that reserves the website. The number of servers in a website can be infinite. Also, they can name the serves according to their wants. However, the typical name for a web server is www.


Foggymorning represents the domain name. An exclusive identity is created when it is linked with the top-level domain name (in this instance, it’s .com). This cannot be copied by any other site in any part of the world.


.com shows what kind of entity owns the site and is the top-level domain. .com in this URL recognizes the site as a commercial entity.

What do you understand by ip addresses?


Web addresses are represented either in numbers or words. Names are easy to retain in the mind compared to numbers. This is why we use domain names such as foggymorning.com. However, computers find communicating with numbers a better alternative. This is why every domain name is associated to a unique number or IP address. Hence, you can find foggymorning.com with an address too, such as

IP addresses are comprised of four numbers, with each less than 256. These are linked by periods.

Obtaining a domain name

How will you find out if a domain name is at your disposal?

It’s in fact easy. You can carry out an ordinary search on the web via any web hosting service or any officially recognized registrar.

How will you register a domain name?

You can do this with the help of any web hosting service or any officially recognized registrar. Important point-Prior to registering a name, it is essential that your site has a hosting service. This is the prime reason why most individuals register with the help of a web host. Registration of the name and host can be done mutually.

What are the expenses?

The expense rendered on licensing a domain name is approximately $100 per year. Quite often, the hosting service will attach an extra amount for a one-time registration charge along with a monthly charge for hosting the site-even if you stay away from building. Important note-You are disallowed from purchasing domain names straightaway; you have to license them yearly.

Does the price differ?

For all domain names associate to the same registry, the licensing charge remains the same. This indicates that the expenses for all .com names will be the same every year. However, the fees for .biz names vary. The hosting service witnesses the biggest difference in price. The monthly charges and the level of service vary on a huge scale.

What happens if the name I choose is taken?

You can be sure that the name you opt for will possibly be taken. Finding a simple domain name is pretty tough. The complicated and uncommon names are also taken. The best thing you can do is to think of a totally different name. However, you can also register it under a top-level domain that is different (for example .biz instead of .com). You can include a dissimilar word on to the domain like seedmagazine.com in place of seed.com. You could also find out if the owners desire to sell. To discover who owns which domain name, carry out a “whois” search on the site internic.net. Very often, this simply shows the hosting service. However, in certain cases, you can get the right information from them.

What happens if my company name is registered by someone else?

If a domain name infringes upon your trademark, you can initiate a lawsuit against the owner. Visit http://www.icann.org/udrp/ to discover the policy of resolving of disputes

Is it wise to register multiple versions of my name?

Yes. Many owners of site register multiple names to stay away from customer turmoil. There are many sites who register their names with the incorrect spelling (for example genealogy.com may also own geneology.com). Also, many sites register the same name under top-level domains that are different (for instance, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art owns both sfmoma.com and sfmoma.org). Besides this, some sites register various alternatives of the name (for example, The store Williams-Sonoma owns both williams-sonoma.com and williamssonoma.com).

Do I have to select a hosting service prior to registering my domain name?

Of course. Domain names have to be associated with a particular server as soon as they are registered. This way the site can be discovered. But you have the option of changing the hosts at a later period.




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