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Custom Website Designs
Designing Icons and Logos
  • Designing web pages
    This web design lesson focuses on digital design for the Web using Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Fireworks. It’s time to review the storyboards that you created in Lesson IV. Your goal at this point is to use the storyboard designs that you sketched to create Web page screens. You want to utilize the content you gathered and developed while working in the last web design lesson. After successfully completing this web design lesson, you will have Web page screen designs that will be output into table- or layer-based HTML files. The files you will generate are going to be HTML files, but will not be functional Web pages. They will not have working links, pop-up windows or multimedia. The pages...

  • Visual Design of Web Screens
    A Web page is a collection of digital media elements that resides in a programmable framework, it also is a screen. The term “screen” refers to the fact that Web pages are presented on screen and not on paper. Web screens need to be built; initial design needs to be created before Web coding can be done. The goal when designing screens in an image editing application is to create only the graphical elements and layout. Concentrate on graphical elements only, leaving space for Web text (browser based text) and multimedia components. Screens can be created in any image editing...

  • Designing Icons and Logos
    Page icons and logos can be designed in Macromedia Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop. Or, they can be created using a vector illustration application such as Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand. The advantage to using a vector file is the quality of the graphic and the ability to edit the graphic in the illustration Figure 6.2.  Converting vector text and logos to curves (Converting vector based text in programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand makes the item a graphic. The text is no longer editable and the font appearance is preserved.) application without loss of quality. The edited...

  • Slicing Pages in Web Sites
    Once you have designed the Web page or opened up a page saved as a Photoshop or Fireworks document, you are ready to begin slicing. The slice tool in Fireworks allows you to slice a graphical screen design into an HTML page. When using the slicing process to create a Web page, the first step is designing the page. Then, using the slice tool (located below the main tools on the toolbar Sample Web page design in Macromedia Fireworks (You can design entire Web pages in Macromedia Fireworks.) in Fireworks), the page is sliced into rectangular boxes that have a green overlay. Sliced elements...

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