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information design
  • Information Design
    This web design lesson provides explanation and steps on transforming ideas into infor- mation architecture. The main emphasis is on developing a framework of content that focuses on priority, simplicity, and organization. Priority and simplicity are terms that become synonymous with good informa- tion design. By priority, I refer to prioritizing the information into a structure that will enable the user to gain access, interaction, entertainment, value, and connection with your Web portfolio. Prioritizing information relies on informa- tion design. You have already taken steps to begin the process of information design and organization has occurred. By creating a content outline, you organized the proposed content that will be presented in your Web portfolio. Refinement of the organized content relies upon navigation and usability to be thoughtful to the audience requirements. Simplicity refers...

  • Usability
    The user experience for our Web portfolio project relies on persuasive communication and exquisite presentation of our skills and experience. If the Web portfolio has ambiguous, difficult usability issues, the experience and the attempt at persuasion will fail. Usability cannot be achieved simply with repetition. It must be a thoughtful hierarchy. True, we want navigation to be super consistent throughout the Web portfolio site. We do not want to sacrifice cost or time by creating redundant designs that do not serve our needs, simply to think that we have covered the bases when it comes to usability. There are three important usability issues to focus on when you design your Web portfolio (Kristof & Satran, 1995): • Keep the interface and navigation clutter free. Resist the temptation to put something on your page...

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