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IT Jobs in Chandigarh
Training for PHP Jobs in Chandigarh


PHP jobs in Chandigarh are aplenty, but embarking on a career in dynamic web design demands a comprehensive understanding of the correct tools and language.


PHP, an acronym originally standing for ‘Personal Home Page’ is now commonly known as ‘PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor’, a fancy way of describing a web-design language that enables programmers to build more dynamic and interactive web pages.


PHP is now commonplace in the world of web design and PHP jobs in Chandigarh demand a thorough knowledge of this language. What’s more, if you’re an advocate of choice and competition in today’s technological revolution, PHP provides an efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP.


PHP is perfectly suited for Web development and can be embedded directly into the HTML code. PHP programmers would therefore need an understanding of html as well, but once the tricks of the trade are mastered, these designers will be equipped with a much more creative palette and can enjoy the financial rewards of developing interactive, dynamic and aesthetically advanced web pages for their customers.


Those who decide to develop their programming capabilities and aim for a PHP job in Chandigarh will soon recognize their time was well spent; as of April 2007, over 20 million Internet domains had web services hosted on servers with PHP installed.


For those looking for PHP jobs in Chandigarh who don’t have the necessary skills yet, have no fear; there are dozens of highly respected courses offering quality training in all aspects of PHP programming. Networx Technologies in Sector 38c and Intenso Web Education in Sector 37c are just two examples of companies offering such courses, covering all the techniques needed for succeeding in a PHP job in Chandigarh.


Students can expect to pay around Rs.10,000 for an intensive 3 month course in PHP scripting language with Intenso Web Education whilst Netwoox Technologies offers a 6 month paid industrial training program in PHP, MYSQL, Joomla, and Wordpress that will cost the intern Rs.12,000 towards cost of materials and tuition.


India has cemented its place as a forerunner in the economic boom of the IT industry and those looking for a PHP job in Chandigarh can rely on a host of reputable companies to provide them with the desired training.


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