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Best Colors for Web Designing
  • Content, Collection, Development and Management 
    Content, Collection, Development and Management It’s time to hunt and gather. In a large part, the Web portfolio design process relies upon you as the author to be an investigator. What this means is you have to go back into your own personal history and find all of the assets and artifacts that will help you tell your story in the Web portfolio. Remember, this story is wrapped around the content. The content must be collected...

  • PDF and web design 
    PDF and web design You probably have a bunch of documents that are paper or electronic that need to be presented individually and may need to allow the user to download them. As well, many of your documents may contain formatting and type styles that cannot be reproduced on the Web. In order to keep the document visually compelling, true to its original nature, and printable on any computer, use the Adobe Systems Portable Document Format (PDF). A PDF is a universal file format that is created using Adobe Acrobat software or any number of applications that print to PDF. PDF files are viewed, navigated through, and...

  • Best colors for web designing 
    Web Color There are many web design tutorials that cover Web color in detailed scientific terms. However, for our objectives, let’s briefly discuss Web color and how it will be used in the Web portfolio. You will need to develop a color scheme for your Web portfolio pages. This means that you will designate colors for your page background, the type used on the page and any other static elements that reside in the page. There are two types of color that can be used in Web graphics. The colors can be associated with the Web graphic file formats we just mentioned: GIF and JPG. GIF GIF files use index color. Index color consists of 216 common colors found on all computer monitors and within all Web browsers. These common...

  • Standard Resolution for web sites 
    Resolution Screen resolution refers to the number of pixels a screen can display in a given area. The standard resolution for Web graphics is 72 dpi for Macintosh and 96 dpi for Windows. This means that all graphics should be saved to their needed exact size at 72 dpi. If graphics are larger than 72 dpi or 96 dpi, they need to be optimized and exported using Macromedia Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop. Remember, all graphics should be 72 or 96 dpi to scale. Typically, 72 dpi works well for both platforms. By using the lower...

  • Text-Based Content on Internet 
    Text-Based Content The following sections on Web resumes and project descriptions can initially be created in Microsoft Word and then copied and pasted into an HTML file in Macromedia Dreamweaver or in the case of the resume, be saved as a PDF. The important point here is that you want to write the project descriptions first so you have a chance to write them, proof read them, and edit them. This shouldn’t be done while you are creating Web pages. It may cause you to spend less time and consideration on the information included...

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