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Introduction to the Web Portfolio
  • Introduction to the Web Portfolio
    This web design lesson introduces the concept of the portfolio and defines the electronic portfolio and Web portfolio. In print, electronic form, and through the Web, the portfolio has become a standard tool for success in many disciplines. In the future, the Web portfolio will be part of the success of people in all disciplines, not just those who traditionally utilize portfolios, such as artists and teachers. The web design lesson frames the Web portfolio as a tool for persuasion and lifelong learning. I introduce many different concepts, cases, and relevant information from literature and Web reviews. I want to stimulate your ideas...

  • Web Literature and Review
    This web design tutorial project has evolved over years of research, development, and practice. The references section includes monographs as well as Web re- sources that will give a view of the wide range of data referred to during the development of this text. In this section, I would like to discuss some Web data I found that is particularly relevant to helping you understand the Web portfolio process. The Web portfolio process is a subjective process with varying objective guidelines which are particular to discipline, that drive the creative activity of developing a Web portfolio. One thing that all academic...

  • Marketability
    The arts have embraced portfolios forever. The ability to show a collection of work is critical in selling artwork to others. In today’s highly specialized, highly competitive professional marketplace, more artists are embracing digital portfolios in addition to high resolution print portfolios. One such field is architecture. At the University of California Berkeley, the architecture depart- ment provides a specialized portfolio class in which students learn about creating digital portfolios and all of their different media components which include print, video, and Web. The course description has a paragraph that does more than define the coursework; it also defines the inevitable place of the Web portfolio in commerce...

  • Who Needs a Web Portfolio?
    Everyone who is active in the information society, especially those who need to find work for hire, should have a working Web portfolio. Web portfolios are for everyone, and, in the future, everyone will want or need one. Regardless of skill set and specialty, the Web portfolio will come to contribute to defining a person’s public and professional appearance. This appearance will be directly involved in communication and commerce. The Web portfolio will be a conduit and persuasion tool for getting work for hire and therefore will be common among knowledge workers and businesses of all types. An individual...

  • Types of Web Portfolios
    I have categorized different applications of Web portfolios that explored in this text. They include personal Web portfolios which can be used by students, job seekers, and professionals in any field. Also discussed are teacher Web portfolios which are used by K-12 teachers, faculty, and staff in educational institutions. The uses of Web portfolios in education are widely researched. I overview techniques and approaches for educators to use when developing an electronic teacher portfolio that can be enhanced by specific curriculum and development techniques offered in education based e-portfolio...

  • The Web Portfolio Fosters Valuable Learning Experiences
    The Web portfolio conceptualization, design, and development processes call upon hard and soft skills that are required to accomplish each task. Hierarchal task analysis of Web portfolio creation involves providing sequential informa- tion from the ground up. Although creating the Web portfolio requires a systematic approach to concept development all the way through to final output, Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Domain illustrates the same learning outcomes that fit into the Web portfolio process through its course. Bloom identified six levels within...

  • Skills Fostered by the Web Portfolio Process
    The very idea of creating a Web portfolio makes people cringe. This is especially evident in those who do not embrace technology and the Internet. But the Web portfolio and the creation process that is needed to effectively create one is a lifelong learning, skill building process in which the creator comes away with more than technical skills, but also personal reflections that can be shared and may evolve into a greater idea. The ability to take a personal inventory of creative content and software and design skills is invaluable in the lifelong learning process. You can take a step back and think about the things you know and compare them to the things you want to...

  • What You Should Get Out of This Lesson
    Your learning is my objective. Learning about Web portfolios and applying techniques and processes to develop a Web portfolio are important objectives for you to achieve. The following are the learning objectives I want you to achieve during your experiences with this web design tutorial. • Understanding what a Web portfolio is and is not • Commit to building your design and technology skill by creating a Web portfolio • Define and execute the conceptualization process used in Web portfolio design...

  • Web application tools applied in web design
    This web design tutorial is not a software manual. It is volume that provides theories, processes, and a tutorial view of industry standard Web applications. Some of the processes are worked out on paper or in a word processing program. Some processes require using graphical or Web design software. For many of these, I provide step by step tutorials so that you can try to execute the techniques on your own. Obviously, you can’t learn every conceivable application in one web design tutorial. The tools mentioned in this web...

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