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Web Portfolio in the knowledge Worker Age
  • Web Portfolios in the Information
    Society and Future This web design lesson offers theories behind why the networked e-portfolio (Web portfolio) will evolve into the post modern identity vehicle for the knowledge worker of the new millennium. Ideas behind how Web portfolios are narratives and can change society are established based on writings from information science theorists and scientists including Jean Francois Lyotard, Dr. Amy Spaulding, Professor Nicolas Negroponte, Alan Kay, and Frank Webster. Additionally, the effects of the e-portfolio as a media and information manage- ment tool in postmodern society are...

  • The Web Portfolio in the Knowledge Worker Age
    As a product, tool, learning agent, and appearance of the information society, I feel Web portfolios are becoming an important technological instrument for social change in a person’s capacity to gain work for hire in the information driven society. When we speak of electronic portfolios and specifically of Web portfolios we are really focusing on information. Gathering information, massaging informa- tion, organizing information, classifying information, correcting information, and presenting information in an electronic form is really the guts of the Web portfolio, or...

  • The Web Portfolio as Postmodern Narrative Connection
    In the web design tutorial, A Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge, Lyotard (1999) argues that all aspects of modern societies, including science as the primary form of knowledge, depend on narratives to exploit and represent knowledge. On the macro scale, “grand narratives”, stories a culture tells itself about its practices and beliefs (Lyotard, 1999, pp.18-20), are rejected by postmodernists as failures. These failures include examples such as Marxism, communism, and fascism and are prime cases of socialist approaches to defining a grand narrative...

  • A Web Portfolio Makes You Digital in a Wired World
    Ann Leer’s Masters of the Wired World (1999) is a blockbuster compilation chronicling the global information society as exalted by today’s most compel- ling information science gurus. In his web design lesson, Being Digital in the Wired World, MIT Media Lab Director, Nicholas Negroponte wrote that:  Being digital has three physiological effects on the shape of our world. It decentralizes, flattens, and makes things bigger and smaller at the same time. Because bits have no size, shape, or color, we tend not to consider them in any morphical sense. However, just as lifts have...

  • The Web Portfolio as a Personal Knowledge Portal
    The Web portfolio will serve as a personal, narrative knowledge portal for individuals. It is contextual and humanist, open to interpretation, and vigorously unyielding to a defined truth that is universally defended. This is not to say that scientific knowledge may not be part of the Web portfolio content. The Web portfolio will also serve as a personal portal of scientific knowledge in some cases. Scientific knowledge being defined by Lyotard as validated and proven, not open to interpretation. The e-portfolio fits comfortably in the realm of new media and contributes to the concept of how the increase of quantifiable information creates a qualitative change in society and...



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